Seven Dwarfs Minus One

062 Seven Dwarfs Minus One_1We’ve all read the Bothers Grimms’ well known fairy tale about the Snow White. And surely we’ve watched Walt Disney’s movie of 1937 “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. They are these wonderful and lovely creatures that live in a pretty tiny cottage in a fairy land. Well, this group of dwarfs exists in Europe among big giants nowadays as well but they are not seven in number but only six. 😀 Sometimes they are supposed to be eight but never seven. 😀 Well, have you already “switched on” your imagination? 😀 Have you understood what I mean? 😀 Okay, okay 🙂 I won’t torture you anymore with my strange “fairy tale” relations and connections.

What I am talking about is that group of European 6 microstates somehow nestled among the other bigger countries. I have had the chance to visit four of them. As to the rest, they are on my bucket list. In the beginning I mentioned that the number of the extremely beautiful mini-states could be increased to eight including Cyprus and Luxembourg, too, but generally the first six are the best known fairy tale country-dwarfs of Europe.

Soooooo ….. Which are these mini-states? 🙂

062 Seven Dwarfs Minus One_2Area: 316 km2/ Population: 452 000 inhabitants ……. It’s the one of the smallest country in Europe. As a matter of fact, it’s an archipelago that consists of three islands – Malta, Gozo and Comino plus four uninhabited ones – Cominotto, Filfla, St. Paul’s Islands and Manoel Island. Its capital is (La) Valetta on the largest island of Malta. The whole country has a glorious history related to the Order of Saint John and the Knights Hospitaller …… It’s romantic Malta. 

Watch a short video here.

Area: 2.02km2 / Population: 36 370…….It’s the second smallest country in Europe and in the whole world but it’s one of the best known and the most famous one, for sure. There are three distinctive features that make the mini-state remarkable: the Monaco Grand Prix (held in the streets of the mini-state every year), the famous Monte Carlo Casino and the Grimaldi dynasty. And the capital bears the same name as the Principality…… Yeap, Monaco. 

Watch a short video here.

062 Seven Dwarfs Minus One_2Area: 160km2 / Population: 35 000 inhabitants …….It’s a Principality hidden somewhere between Switzerland and Austria in Central Europe. It’s known to be the richest German-speaking country. Because it’s a small and tiny mini-state most of the people mistake its capital. Those who have visited it know that all economic activities are centralized in the beautiful city of Vaduz ……  Of course, Liechtenstein. 

Watch a short video here.

Area: 468km2 / Population: 85 000 ……. It’s a tiny Principality again but this time it’s not surrounded on three sides by France only like Monaco but its neighbours are both Spain and France. It occupies a mountainous area and its capital – Andorra la Vella, is the highest European capital city …… Aham, Andorra, you got it right.

Watch a short video here.

Area: 61km2 / Population: 30 000 ……. It’s encompassed by the two Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna and Marche on the Apennine peninsula. It claims and is supposed to be the world’s oldest surviving constitutional republic. The capital is the city of San Marino and the country’s name is …… San Marino. 

Watch a short video here.

062 Seven Dwarfs Minus One_3Area: 44 hecatres/840 inhabitants ……. Its total territory’s almost equal to the area of 600 feet multiplied several times. It’s situated in the Eternal City and is famous for being the Holy place for all the Catholics from the world. It’s ruled by the Bishop of Rome, better known as the Pope. The capital of the smallest country is the Vatican City and the country itself is …… the Vatican City State. 

Watch a short video here.

Hmmm  … Wouldn’t you like to visit or even live in one of these fairy-tale country-dwarfs?! 🙂


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