Love on the go

054 Love on the goOnce upon a time I wrote a post on Kati-triology by Astrid Lindgren. Two of the books treat the young girl’s destiny to fall in love in the most romantic town in the world – Venice and get married to her Lennart in the Town of Love – Paris. Obviously, love is in the air in these two cities and they are widely used as places for falling in love in novels. Love stories start namely there (the examples are too many), in one of these towns and even sometimes in both of them as it happens to Evie Dexter from the two books by Molly Hopkins –  “It Happened in Paris” and “It Happened in Venice”.

Evie is a young, beautiful and charming girl who owing to her “enhanced” CV manages to get a job as a tour guide in Paris although she knows nothing about that profession. She’s not even sure where France is and that’s why she checks it up in Vogue. Despite all these slight obstacles, her heart is set on success and she is fully determined to become a respected chaperone of tourist groups in Europe.  Thus her travel career as a guide starts.

Her first travel to Paris commences in a real disaster in the very beginning when she leaves unconsciously her international passport and goes through the customs control showing her lipstick through the bus window and smiling charmingly at the customs officers. It’s very ingenious, isn’t it? 🙂 Well, she wouldn’t succeed without the help of her international driver (Rob) who is, for sure, more experienced than her and so sexy. There is an attraction between them at first sight which grows into a true love and a strong relationship during the whole summer when they work together with tourist groups in the town of love every weekend.

Evie is convinced Rob is Mr Right until he has a one-night stand affair with another guide from his past. The young girl cannot forgive him so easily and for some months they are separated. And then, on the New Year’s Eve they renew their relationship that becomes even stronger. They begin making plans to buy their own house, to live together and even get married on next Christmas. But nothing of that happens because “Mr Right” is already married with a child. Evie loves him so much and is even ready to swallow up the truth but another third, more horrible fact slams her – Rob is going to become a father for the second time. This time Evie is absolutely convinced that she doesn’t want to have anything in common with her great love anymore and searches for her friends’ help to overcome the pain.

After the final separation with Rob, the young lady develops as a tour guide and her career flourishes. She takes some trips to Dublin, Marrakech and Amsterdam with a very wise and stable friend of hers who, actually, has a great, positive influence over her. Step by step, she realizes life goes on even without the sexy driver and that is the driving motive to get to know that there is another person who has loved her ever since. Yes, this guy Nick is her close friend, neighbour and even boss. While Evie works at his café in Tooting when she isn’t on the road, she has never realized and seen any of his love signs. But that happens in Venice. Its romantic atmosphere, wine and gondolas and of course, Nick’s presence there, predispose to reflections and to the beginning of a new relationship with him based on Philos and Eros love.


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