Mobile’s in the Air

052 Mobile's in the AirAll of you will agree with me that mobile phones have become inevitable part of our lives. I myself feel too uncomfortable and like an outsider without my device when I leave it at home or I run out of battery and it switches off. My link to the world is just broken. And why is it so? The answer is too simple. Today we do almost everything with our mobiles and our smartphones are our companions because …..

They are the gadgets connecting people. Wherever we are, we are in touch with our beloved ones and friends on Viber (for calls and messages), Whatspp (mainly for messages), Tango (for calls, text messages plus video calls) or Skype (actually, it’s a messenger and it’s of different type). They are really very convenient and also money-saving apps that use our data plans and Internet connection and even abroad we make international calls and send messages at zero cost through WiFi.

They are our fashion stores and catalogues. I am always updated on the image catalogues, trends, news and editorial stories, get push notifications regarding campaigns and offers from a certain brand, or find easily my fav shop while using the official apps of world famous companies for apparel, for example. When I look for a new, trendy and stylish swimsuit, hosiery or underwear, night-ware or knitwear, surely, I click on the official apps of Calzedonia Group or its brand – Tezenis. Or if I am interested in new collections of fashion clothing, I will get what I need just in a few clicks in the apps of H&M, Pepe Jeans, Zara, Mango, etc.

Apart from all this, here are a few highlights for other usages of smartphones in our daily life, explaining why we “cannot live without them”. In brief ….

Mobiles help jerks in the kitchen like me 😀 with thousands of books of recipes. There is no need to mention any of them since a simple search on Google Play is quite enough to find out anything we are interested in.

Our cell phones substitute libraries and e-shelves with all of the numerous e-editions, magazines, newspapers and fairy-tales for children (there is nothing better than a book to put your naughty niece or nephew to sleep with, for instance) spread out everywhere on the Internet and on big app stores.

There is also a variety of educational mobile apps which assist us in studying foreign languages easily. If you think that at a time Italian verbs are a nightmare, practise their conjugation with Italian Verb Test. It’s a simple app which helps me memorize the various endings as well as exceptions to the rules in Italian grammar (and there are plenty of them, believe me).

Very often they play the role of Nice home-guards when we are not at home because nowadays it’s possible to have a mobile remote control over our home automated systems. Even one of the companies I have worked for produces such integrated, automated, easy-to-install-and-use home and business systems which you access and control through your mobile device.

B2B mobile apps and solutions facilitate the life of businessmen anytime and anywhere on the go. It’s more convenient for them to have a Galileo eye on their business on a handy, pocket device instead of on laptops. Agree?

What else? 🙂 … Yes, there is no doubt that our mobiles are perfect (travel) orginizers and reminders. Being overloaded with too much information we might miss an appointment or an event and even a birthday of a special person. In that case, Forget About Absentmindedness alla Android and rely on applications on app stores.

And, of course, gamers are those who avail the most of the comfort of having a mobile device. Today app stores are a little bit flooded with so many games starting from puzzles, smurf games, talking sweet cats and parrots, tic tac toe, hangmen, etc. Sometimes it’s really a burden to be up to date with all that stuff and that’s why a simple AppHawk is needed. It has a very a very superb interface and its navigation is too easy. Moreover, every day it brings a new app or game or a perfect deal to you with zero effort.

Finally, folks, be more mobile as mobile’s in the air. 🙂


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