Cupid’s Arrows

Movies_Cupid is always precise ah, amore, amore. Love doesn’t have an age. It never ages. Everybody can fall in love all of sudden. The movie has three parts each of them consisting of several episodes telling about the love and heart stories of people of all walks and styles.

Manuale d’amore 3 (or better known in English as “The Ages of Love”) is really an exceptional and amazing 2011 film since its three episodes/storylines describe the unexpected circumstances and ways of falling in love of people at different ages.

All of the three “chapters” are somehow presented through the monologues of a young “Cupid” who throws his arrows at young Roberto. He has a short love affair with a local beauty while on a business trip to Tuscany but in the end he returns safe and sound to his home.

His second “victim” is the famous middle-aged journalist named Fabio who meets with a younger lady with mental health problems.

And finally at Roberto De Niro who plays older Adrian who falls in love Viola (Monica Bellucci) – the daughter of the goalkeeper (Michele Placido). The third storyline is a bit complicated because the truth about Viola’s life in France is revealed unexpectedly and his father sends her out of the house when he realizes she is a street girl. At that very moment Adrian supports her and at the same time she helps him forget his shyness and disappointment in love. At the very end of the movie they choose to be together and a have child and all that  happens due to his decision to leave his job and buy a small house on a pretty Greek island.

If you are sure love happens to anyone, just watch the official trailer on YouTube.


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