Be a Panda

050 Be a PandaLike any woman I am also fond of pieces of jewelry. I decorate myself with rings, bracelets and necklaces (sometimes I resemble a true New Year’s tree) which I choose precisely. My taste for jewelry is limited mainly to art pieces which are a bit different from other standard and ordinary ones which ladies are accustomed to wearing. Of course, I also love certain designer jewelry brands or world famous jewels of certain materials, stones or glass.

Surely, speaking about glass, the island of Murano comes into one’s mind. The island is only about 1.5 km north of Venice in the Venetian Lagoon and its fame has been for the production of glass since 1291. Initially, glassmaking was concentrated in the city of Venice itself but for two reasons glassmakers moved their foundries to the island. The first one was the permanent fear of fire that devastated city’s buildings that were mainly wooden. And second, it was because the Venetian Republic wanted to keep and even hide the secret of glassmaking from the rest of the world, namely on the island. Thus Murano’s reputation grew and since then it’s been known as the major centre of glassware and Venetian glass. Nowadays while visiting the island you can have a short tourist show performed by local glassblowers and artisans who make vases, small statues, plates or whatever from Venetian glass. Aside from these pieces of art, ladies (including me) are attracted by the beautifully made jewelry of Murano glass. Some of them are real pieces of art and very expensive (by the way, the price of these masterpieces is fully justified) while there are cheaper, mass-production ones that are sold everywhere on island, in Venezia, in the nearby cities and even at the Fiumicino Airport in Rome. 😉 One humble thought from me. There are very nice colourful Tau Cross or T-Cross (the symbol of the Franciscan Order) necklaces of Murano glass which are worth-attention.

Italy is famous for other jewelry made of Sardinian Red Coral. Red Coral is protected by law on the island and that’s why all necklaces, bracelets and rings are so precious. While wandering in the old town of Alghero (and not only), you will stumble upon numerous smaller and bigger shops selling interesting jewels. They all are really swanky and eye-catching, but at the same time finely designed in the form of true Red Corals.

Other glamorous and charming are the jewels by Orna Lalo – the Flower Lady. She is a real genius of flower-shaped necklaces, rings and bracelets. Her masterpieces are always extremely colorful and full of positive emotions and summer mood. There is nothing nicer for a woman (women are supposed to be flowers) than to adorn herself with flowers …. or the whole scene will be something like “a lovely Flower among other flowers”.

We are used to thinking of watches and notorious Swiss punctuality, when we hear Swatch. But we are not right. There is also a jewelry-series which is really amazing. Most of the pieces are very stylish but with interesting and extraordinary shapes and forms at the same type.

Mmm … Yes… Finally, I am getting back to my topic. 😀 What would you say about a ring in the form of an octopus? Or a bracelet with a Santa Claus, dwarfs and bells? Or maybe – a necklace with a tiny, natural stone from the Ionian Sea? Nice, a, ladies?  Or why not a whole set of pieces of jewelry with small, sweet pandas that are supposed to be the symbol of the fight against racism. And do you know why? … Because pandas are black-and-white and of Asian origin. And all of us should be like them … simply be a panda. 🙂


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