Dream on Your Feet

The Big Screen and Stage_Simply beautifulThis is a post of an enthusiastic cultural-event goer who wants to share her wonderful ballet mementos with you hoping that she will make you

find the beauty and grace of ballet dances,  

dive into the ballo world 

and dream on your feet. 

048 Dream on Your Feet_5

(or BNE) stages, for sure, the most spectacular performances combining various Spanish choreographies like Escuela Bolera, flamenco and classical and folklore Spanish dances and all this mixed with some modern dance elements. The spectacle enchants with the guitar rhythms and traditional songs accompanied by non-stop handclaps and castanets as well as it’s a colourful parade of dancing people in their floral outfits, long flamenco dresses (women) and special flamenco shoes. Here is one video and the official website.

048 Dream on Your Feet_9Another flamenco formation that can exalt you entirely is the phenomenon Los Vivancos. Elias, Judah, Josua, Cristo, Israel, Aaron and Josue are seven brothers of one father, who combine playing various musical instruments, flamenco dancing, modern ballet, acrobatic performances and afighting art. They are extremely, talented and masters of dancing and muscal instruments, handsome and too attractive. And all these features of theirs are combined in one, i.e. in their “Aeternum”. Here is one of their magnificent videos as well as their official website.

Ballet_The Enoyvden Mystery_2is one of the brilliant dance shows by Neshka Robeva who is our greatest (although already former) head coach of the Bulgarian National Team. Namely under her 25-year leadership Bulgaria was proud (and still is) to have its “Golden Girls’ Century” and “The Golden Girls” of the Bulgarian school in rhythmic gymnastics. Nowadays she doesn’t stop contributing to our country with her dance shows one of them being The Enyovden Mystery in which the magic of the Bulgarian traditions, feasts and beliefs are displayed in a very modern way. Ethnic motives are mixed with modern ones. Present and past go hand in hand. And all this is strengthened by the dancers’ grace and dynamics, the ribbons from the rhythmic gymnastics used in one or two of the dances, the light effects and the real rockers on their motors (but not VespaS 😉 ).

Sukhishvili2013_Invitations_Kiev_8_Outsideis a folklore group consisting of seventy dancers and a samll orchestra. Its performances have been staged at places like the Royal Albert Hall, the Coliseum and even La Scala (being the first and only dancers who have performed there). There is no doubt that their performance and dances are amazing, awe-inspiring, full of grace and beauty. So are their costumes and attributes. They are simply spectacular and the ballet is a must-watch. In order to get a humble idea of what I mean, you might watch the following two videos on YouTube: Georgia Unforgettable Energy Of Freedom  &  Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili.

Ballet_The Fire of Anatolia_1or Anadolu Ateşi is a large Turkish dance group (consisting of 120 dancers) performing Anatolian dances together with modern oriental elements and a modern ballet. It is among the three world famous largest dance formations. I have read two very interesting facts about the “Sultans of the Dance” (as its first name was upon establishment): the dancers of the formation perform 241 steps/minute and they gathered an audience of 400 000 spectators in Ereğli. These are two Guinness records that belong to the Fire of Anotolia. When I watched their performance I was totally enchanted for some reasons. And here they are: Firstly, I had the chance to get acquainted with the Anatolian dances which are really very good. Secondly, I found out they bear some similarities to our, Bulgarian folklore dances. And thirdly, I found some very familiar dance elements of Sukhishvili as well. But, surely, the greatest thing was the performance itself – fascinating, exciting and compelling.  And last thing. There are too many videos on YouTube but I could not find any official one. My bad. 🙂 That’s why if you are interested in the show, you might watch some of the videos on the website of the dance group, i.e. here.

Ballet_Zorba the Greek_2Are you angry with me?”  “Teach me to dance… will you?” “Dance? Did you say dance? Come on, my boy…. Together. Let’s go. Oooop …… Again …… Oooop …. Below….. I have dozens of things to say to you. I’ve never loved anyone as much before. I have hundreds of things to say but my tongue just can’t manage them. So I’ll dance them for you! Here it goes!” All of us know Zorba the Greek. We know his story. We have watched the 1964 movie about Alexis Zorbas (based on Nikos Kazantzakis’ famous novel) with Anthony Quinn. We all have listened to Mikis Theodorakis‘ music written specially for the movie. And the ballet is marvellous. There is one video on YouTube (among many others there) that expresses the feelings I had during the ballet performance some time back. Just GREAT.

PAGE_Some Realax_Dance & sing with me_Ballet_The Lord of the Dance

The Lord of the Dance: Irish folklore captures with its beauty expressed through women and men’s grace. Dance, music and songs together with lightening & pyrotechnics recount the classical story of Good and Bad bringing the audiences to a time and place full of myths. This a world in which “the good Little Spirit makes attempts to help the Lord of the Dance to protect his people from the dark power of the evil Dark Lord (Don Dorcha)Having passed through a series of dangers, finally love & desire win.” The official (3D) trailer of Michael Flatley’s Irish show with the typical folklore elements of dancing is here.

PAGE_Some Relax_Dance & sing with me_Musicals_We Will Rock YouWe Will Rock You: The whole idea as well as the whole musical are breathtaking. They grab you in the very beginning and in the end you simply don’t want it to end because you are still under the magic of Queen’s music and Freddie’s indirect presence combined perfectly well with the awesome storyline of the musical and the amazing performance. One by one, all of Queen’s golden songs enchant you and you start singing them unknowingly and follow the rhythm. It’s a fantastic feeling. It’s a marvelous experience. The musical leaves  only unforgettable memories for life. If you don’t believe me here is the plot in brief: “In a distant future …. Ga Ga world on iPlanеt ….  All inhabitants behave the in same way, dress the in same way, have the same preferences … Musical instruments are banned … And here are the rebels – the Bohemians and their hero Galileo.”  And if you still don’t believe me 😉 read more about the show on the official website of We Will Rock You as well as WWRY trailer on YouTube.


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