The Gender Gap

Dinosaurs and CavemenDefending the Caveman is a real Broadway blockbuster. It is an amazing play for couples that teaches them the differences between the two sexes and shows the way women and men relate. They speak different languages, have different cultures, react in different ways.

For instance, a man has always been a hunter and that’s why he simply focuses on one thing and often is not interested in much information and details. Just on the opposite, a woman is a collector and that’s why she is more multi-functional and always tries to gather as much info as she can. Another example is that a man always “makes a deal” before doing something as he is a hunter while a woman is about to do a certain thing immediately as she is caring, loving and the home master.

The only way to lessen the gender gap is to learn the language of the other side and adopt its culture to a certain extent. Or simply to be more tolerant with the opposite gender. The official trailer is on YouTube.


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