Circuswood in Quebec

039 Circuswood in QuebecCircus! What’s the first association I make? Of course,I connect it with my happy childhood when under the circus tent I enjoyed the performances of trained animals, funny clowns and skillful acrobats.

Things have changed slightly since then and nowadays more and more circus troupes don’t have performances with fearful animals. The first reason is that investing in circus artists is cheaper than training animals. And the second motive is that using animals in shows is against animals themselves and it is not humane.

A week ago I came across an article saying that there is going to be a worldwide ban on animal shows from 2015. This way a circus somehow is gonna be unified all over the world and it is going to be similar to that of the two Quebec circuses whose performances are contemporary circus art.

For sure, Cirque du Soleil is the most renowned nouveau cirque (contemporary circus) in the world. In 1984 it was created by a group of enthusiasts and adventurers who had street fire and acrobatic performances throughout Canada. After long years of ups and downs the circus turned into the famous Circus of the Sun owing to the go-ahead founder and creator of the street troupe – Guy Laliberté, and his great love for circus art. Nowadays Cirque du Soleil stages its jaw-dropping performances on all continents. The shows like Saltimbanco and Alegria, for instance, are spectacular and even supernatural and beyond any natural forces. The beautifully and colourfully designed costumes of the circus artists as well as the plot and staging of each show fully complete the amazing play with gravity.

As for the second Quebec circus, i.e. Cirque Éloize, the whole circus concept is exceptional and unique, indeed. It was founded and created by Jeannot Painchaud, Daniel Cyr and Julie Hamelin in 1993 and since then the heat lightning circus fascinates with its extraordinary performances. It’s an urban circus that presents contemporary circus arts, originally combined with music, dance and theatre. Street rollers skaters and bicyclists and also traditional acrobats madden the audience with their extraordinary performances that go with amazing visual and sound effects and highly effective urban stage décor. Simply b r i l l i a n t! 🙂


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