From Meadows and Deserts to Celebrity

036 From Meadows and Deserts to CelebrityThere are numerous examples of how people from a village background become famous worldwide driven by their ambition and due to their skills and talent. Almost the same happens with animals as well. There are a great number of circus animals that become real celebrities or well-known dolphins which take part in aqua shows all over the world. 

Once upon a time donkeys were widely used for plowing in village fields when hi technologies and machines didn’t exist at all. Villagers relied on their livestock all the time and always regarded it even as a family member. The “social” status” of donkeys hasn’t changed much as a whole, actually. They have still been exploited for work or as a transportation means in the country but the destiny of some of them has changed in some certain states.

Nowadays a Greek Cypriot donkey, for example, is a national symbol of Cyprus (I mean the Greek part of Cyprus) and describes the character and national features of the natives because the Greek Cypriots are known to be as stubborn as a donkey. “Donkey” souvenirs could be purchased everywhere on the Rhodes island as well (that is a kind of worship, too). There are plenty of them starting from cups and glasses, postcards, key-holders to small statues and pooh toys.

Maybe because of the relative proximity to Cyprus and the Dodecanese, the natives on the whole archipelago of Santorini also worship donkeys. Here the animal’s role has changed and it has become a real attraction. Some-euro donkey rides are offered in every single town and small village there. A string of 4-5 moving donkeys (tightened to one another) and happy tourists on their backs is a very popular scene on all of the islands of the archipelago, indeed.

Apart from donkeys, there are numerous other animals, one of them being the most famous camel in the world – that of Ephesus in Turkey. After a visit of the ruins, just outside the remains of the ancient Greek city, you are welcome by that camel. Every tourist could climb up on its back against some Turkish lira and have a photo taken. This attraction isn’t dangerous at all because the camel is tightened to a tree and two guys stand near you and help you. Moreover, there’s a small chair which you can step on so that you can climb up onto the camel’s back.


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