Cook Creatively

035 Cook CreativelyOur everyday life full of tension usually prevents us from eating healthy. We have adopted really very harmful habits. We have no strict and consistent nutritious diet and eat junk and take-away food all day long. Moreover, we’ve completely forgotten about gym and going in for sports.

On the other hand, when we have some spare time on weekends we cook this and that in a hurry and without any imagination. We just follow certain recipes and put the enumerated ingredients automatically only because someone has said it is right and the certain meal should be cooked this way. Then, when it comes to the arrangement of the meal in question into the plates, we are already tired and nervous from cooking and we leave it out. And again that’s because we don’t follow our intuition but someone else’s “brilliant” recipe that takes us too much time to cook. In other words, we don’t create in kitchen but simply cook. Therefore, we don’t enjoy our meals but simply eat like the real representatives of the consuming society of the 21st century.

I’m always of the opinion that it’s not necessary to cook professionally. Don’t misunderstand me but I don’t disregard recipes either. I just wanna say that sometimes we should “invent” our meals. If it’s said not to put a pepper together with tomatoes and cucumbers but we like it so much, why not? We shall avoid the thing we love because a certain recipe doesn’t “allow” it. It’s silly, isn’t it?  By the way, rules are to be broken from time to time. 😉

If you’re a real disaster in the kitchen like me that can only cut some vegetables and make a simple salad, no worries. With some imagination you won’t remain hungry at all. You can really prepare eye-catching masterpieces with your creativeness. Voilà …. “Octopus alla Shopski” from a simple sausage, tomato, cucumber and some shredded and sprinkled cheese.

So, guys, “all that glitters is not gold”. Furthermore, simple things of life are more worthy. That’s why, follow your tastes and preferences, cook simply without many efforts and always free your imagination.

P.S.: An octopus has one eye and 8 tentacles. Mine is another generation. The eighth missing tentacle is compensated by the second eye. Ah, yes, it’s even more charming with its red nose and mouth. 😀


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