Subject: Letter Phrasy-Idi Oma

033 Subject Letter Phrasy-Idi OmaFrom Mrs Idi Oma,

To Mr Phrasy Verb

Dear Phrasy,

I haven’t seen you for ages. I have been around since the flood but you didn’t find time to call me so I’ve decided to write to you first. I want to tell you so many things so be prepared to bend your ear.

My boss told me yesterday that If I continue to work so hard, it is as sure as eggs is eggs that next month I will be promoted to head manager. However, I really don’t take something on face value. I know he is a bag of wind and his promises are a tissue oflies. I will shed some light on that when I’m in the driver’s seat.

As a last resort I will add colour to my CV and start the ball rolling. I won’t go down the drain my time here. It is maybe high time to do that. I know you would say “Labour the point before setting a foot wrong”, even though, I won’t lead a dog’s life anymore. I will move heaven and earth to start a better job. That could be a recipe for disaster or a recipe for success. I will be very glad to wipe the grin off my boss’s face when I resign. You know, what goes around comes around! There is always room for improvement. A new job could help me to do that. For every person there is a place in the sunand I am going to find mine. Let’s hope for the best and to talk about the following holidays.

Christmas is coming and my salary will vanish into thin air as every year at that time. I have already felt pinched. I mustcut my losses If I want to have enough money for the holidays. I have changed my diet and now I have to learn everything from A to Z. Nevertheless I am feeling as fit as flea. I’ve stared to eat food that sticks to my ribs.

The coffee break is running out so I have to get back to the salt mines.

I am looking forward to hearing from you about yourself.

Best wishes,


P.S.: This letter and one more were written by my friend and ex-colleague who was inspired by my fairy-tale. Now I’m being inspired by his masterpiece and I’m publishing it officially. Thank you, Miro. 😉

To be continued …. 🙂


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