Re: Letter Phrasy-Idi Oma

034 Re Letter Phrasy-Idi OmaFrom Mr Phrasy Verb,

To Mrs Idi Oma

Dear Idi,

I haven’t had much time recently but now I’ll write up my thoughts to tell you what has happened to me.

I came across an old friend and he asked me over, but he doesn’t live near me so I had to go over him in Boston.

Firstly I thought of putting off the trip but then he brought me around that he really need me. I made up my mind and put a pair of trousers and a shirt on and made for Boston.

The first problem came when I decided to cut across the street instead of using the pavement walk. A car nearly knocked me over but I got lucky when the driver managed to stop in time. I walked away relieved and went to the bus station. While I was waiting for the bus I take a look the timetable to find out which bus to take. The route that I had to take was off for the weekend. There must have had a construction working somewhere on the road. I didn’t have other way except to called a Taxi. The fare added up to 9 pounds.

Once I got the airport I checked in the luggage and looked for a cafeteria to eat something before the flight. Most of the meals were used up and I sticked to find something appropriate for my diet. Unfortunately I mixed up the sugar with the salt and sweetened my soup. When I got on the plane, it took off and I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that the plane’s engine might break down. When the plane kept down the rising, it kept up with the speed of the clouds. Suddenly there was some turbulence and I almost passed out. I held out my trembling hands and tried not to gave into the fear. Another thing that helped me to calm down was taking in air all the time. I closed my eyes and thought about something positive in order to cheer myself up. The air-hostess sat over the passengers to find whether they had done their seat belt up.

Fortunately the plane came down and landed successfully. All my fears went away.

Eventually my friend and I managed to bring off his problems and then I got back home.

Best wishes,


P.S.: The second letter-reply….. 😉 10x


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