Fall in Love in Venice, Get Married in Paris

032 Fall in Love in Venice, Get Married in ParisI have always related Astrid Lindgren to my childhood. I love her “Pippi Longstocking” and “Karlsson-on-the-Roof”. But some time ago I stumbled upon a very interesting Kati-triology by the author about a beautiful, young girl who is in her 20s. It is a love story but at the same time it is a travel book that prompts us to travel, dream and love together with the main character all the time.

The young lady lives with her aunt and one day she decides to take up a trip to America (“Kati in America”). At first her aunt disagrees but soon off they go to the Land of the Unlimited Opportunities. Kati is very charming and during their trip she falls in love twice (and she has a boyfriend in Sweden at the same time). All the time her aunty warns her not to get married and stay in America because it’s a different world from theirs. Finally, things change and her beloved aunt meets an old love and she is the one who gets married there and stays with her husband in America. After having returned from the USA, Kati offers Eva, her colleague and friend, to come to live with her in her aunt’s apartment. Kati is still with her boyfriend. Jokingly, the two girls bet and win a sum of money that allows them to go on a vacation to romantic Italy (“Kati in Italy”). They spend magical days in Milan and Florence, Rome and Naples. But the most wonderful thing during the whole travel is when Kati meets her greatest love – Lennart. And it happens in the most romantic city worldwide, i.e. Venice. Having received a marriage proposal in the most romantic way – by night, in the sea, near Naples, Kati’s story continues with her marriage in the splendid town of Paris (“Kati in Paris”). Three of them (Kati, Lennart and Eva) goes to the City of Love where the two birds in love get married while Eva meets the strange guy – Peter, whom she falls in love with.

 “Ah, amore mio, sposami” … “Mais oui. Je t’aime. ” 😉


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