Forget About Absentmindedness alla Android

024 Forget Absentmindness alla AndroidIt’s not a sin to be absent-minded because we are just human beings with one head and two hands, you know.  I am always of the opinion it’s useless to memorize and remember everything, especially in our hectic century when information is all around us.

That’s why there’re numerous Android apps that come to help. Here are several reminder applications which I use either on my mobile or tablet.

Note Me

It often happens to me to go to the supermarket and after a raid of half an hour there to miss to buy what I intended to purchase. That’s why I always ColorNote the items I want and it saves me both much time and tension if I forget something and have to do the shopping twice. Believe me this app is like a real wife that reminds you what else to buy and never allows to forget this and that with its well-organized checklists. Moreover, taking notes with it is extremely easy & “colourful” and is real fun.

Hey, I have a birthday

It’s a great burden for me to remember my friends’ birthdays and anniversaries. I know it’s not typical for the fair sex but somehow I am one of the exceptions to this rule. Or actually, I used to be because since I used Birthdays I’ve been able to greet my friends on time. And, yes, I never forget how wise (i.e. old) they are.

Take your ticket

I love cultural events and I often go to concerts, musicals, ballets, etc. I always make my cultural programme well in advance and buy a ticket two-three months before a certain event. It’s a real disaster to leave the ticket at home and to miss an event in that stupid way, isn’t it? Knock-knock on wood it’s not ever happened to me. But who knows? If Jorte didn’t care about my cultural agenda, most probably I would be in such troubles because of my absentmindedness. By the way, the app is for tasks and appointments but I mainly use it as my cultural calendar & organizer.

Due bills …. Please, pay them

From time to time I might forget to pay my monthly bills and taxes on time. Electricity, water, heating, mobile phones, bank loans, rents, insurances and so on and so on. All of them have their own due dates (thousands in number!) which I hardly remember. Bills Reminder is my solution because it notifies me in advance when a certain bill payment is coming due. I have no worries and give no easy money to banks and other institutions anymore.

Have you already taken your pill?

Apart from the above-mentioned applications, I have come across and Google Play is full of others that can be of use when we are on a medical treatment (Remember Me – pill alarm clock) or when a woman takes contraceptive pills and wants to take complete control over them (Contraceptive pill reminder) or when she simply wants to have a woman’s log (LoveCycles Menstrual Calendar) . Well, boys, you can also take advantage of the last two apps and similar ones on your girlfriends’ mobiles and tablets. 😉 I’m kidding…..

And finally, don’t try to remember all your tasks, appointments and stuff like this and don’t become UFOs like me in the photo. 😀 It is simply impossible. Furthermore, all this is unnecessary info. Just find your reminder app and leave your absentmindedness into the hands of Android developers and the apps developed by them. 


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