The Profession of a Homotouristicus

021 The Profession of a HomotouristicusWarning: This article is dedicated only to those who really love travelling and try to get the most from a trip every time. The rest will get bored after having read the first lines. 🙂

Some time ago I wrote about 5 categories of Homo Sapiens on the road and I left the sixth group for this article on purpose. Why? Because I wanted to describe my personal thoughts and point view in detail as a real traveller.

I can really call myself a real traveller having in mind that I’ve taken more than 180 trips to 25 countries (for the time-being only on the Old Continent) since 2005. I don’t want to boast with the statistics at all but I simply wanna say that all these journeys have helped me a lot to become more open-minded to the world and people, positive and cheerful. That’s why I advise all of you not to stop travelling and exploring new countries and cultures. This enriches us greatly, indeed.

Now back to the topic. 🙂 I was asked in my previous post (once again thanks for the interest) who these real travellers are? Here they are:

(1) They aren’t lazy to take a journey because travelling is inevitable part of their lives and they are like Winnie-the-Pooh (the more they travel, the more they want to travel). They do their best to be on the road more often and they find the way every time (the English proverb applies to them:  If there’s a will, there’s a way).

Or if they cannot afford a travel at a time, they continue exploring the world through travel books.

(2) Long distances and journeys are not a problem for them at all. Many hours spent on a bus, ferry or plane doesn’t frighten them. Just on the opposite.

(3) They never complain about the atmosphere at the hotel, about its location, about the breakfasts and dinners there, or whatever. For them a hotel is the place where they go to have a sleep for some hours, get refreshed and take a bath. Nothing else. A real journey is out of the hotel.

(4) They wake up early in the morning and come back to the hotel late at night.

(5) They enjoy any additional travel initiative with enthusiasm immediately because they are adventurers.

(6) They have some initial travel plans. They follow their interests. If boat rides or towers to climb up are of interest to them, for instance, and if there are such attractions and services offered in the certain place, of course, they find the way to sail and enjoy bird’s eye views without any hesitation.

(7) They don’t eat during the day. 😀 Okay … They eat but after having fulfilled their programme. And they never miss the chance to taste a local cuisine although a little bit late.

(8) They buy presents like souvenirs with local symbols, travel books, magnets or T-Shirts and they do it on the go without wasting time. By the way, they really do the shopping in case of emergency like falling down into the Dead Sea on Lokrum near Dubrovnik/Croatia. 😉

(9) They are always punctual and on time and have respect for schedules and timetables.

(10) They are always smiley, sociable and talkative. They never argue with anyone. They make friends with other tourists and share personal travel experience and collect info for future travels from them at the same time.

They are Homotouristicus not just Homo Sapiens on the road. 🙂 Their passion to travel is real art and sometimes it turns into their second profession.


5 thoughts on “The Profession of a Homotouristicus

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