Broken Plates and Flowers in the Air

020 Broken Plates and Flowers in the AirAs one of the leading tourist countries in the world Hellas attracts millions of tourists annually owing to its ancient Greek ruins, its mild climate, numerous island groups, folklore dances and music and of course, interesting traditions and customs.

For example, on the island of Corfu which is one of the Ionian Sea islands of Greece, there is an Easter tradition of throwing pots and jars of all sizes. The belief is that this way islanders get rid of bad and drive away Devil. They practice that ritual on Easter and it could be seen only on Corfu. Briefly, a central part of the island capital, Kerkyra, is roped off. It’s the exact place where pots are thrown. All spectators stand beyond the ropes in the main square. Before the ritual starts, the inhabitants of the nearby edifices and buildings go out on their balconies. They take the pots and jars stored there and start throwing them one after another, the one crashes on the ground while the other one is flying down. By the way, there is no chaos, no confusion or whatever because everything is synchronized. After having driven away the Devil, locals and tourists alike start greeting one another and the Easter feast commences. If you happen to be on Easter on the island of Corfu, never miss that ritual which is unique and typical only for this island and nowhere else in Greece.

There used to be a similar tradition in the past, spread out all over Greece with the difference that plates were smashed (not jars and pots). Nowadays this tradition of smashing plates is forbidden by law, as far as I know, or if it still exists, it is somehow a tourist attraction in some tavernas or performed on very special occasions like weddings, for instance.  By the way, don’t get a wrong idea of that custom. You are not required to take the plates from the table and smash them one by one on the ground. Absolutely NO! You are given “special” plates which are of raw material without an additional covering on them. Sometimes plaster plates are used as they are cheaper.

The modern variation of the tradition of the smashing of plates is to throw carnation blossoms at singers or at one another. It is a less dangerous custom than the previous one, isn’t it? This tradition is typical for the so-called Bouzoukia which is a variation of a Greek night club. The name is derived from the musical instrument bouzouki which is used for playing Greek folk music. The whole idea of this night club is to sit, relax, drink and enjoy the music. And if you like the singer’s performance and music you buy trays of flowers from the girls who walk around the tables and throw the blossoms at the singer showing your respect. I can assure you that every time people are so delighted with the performance so that they throw and throw blossoms in the air until the stage starts to look like a beautiful flower carpet. Just impressive. 🙂


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