Vamos a bailar

019 Vamos a bailarA dance is a lovely way to express our emotions and feelings through our bodies and movements. It’s also a kind of relax getting rid of the tension and stress of daily life. Moreover, live ballet and dance formations performances or musicals “kidnap” us into a magical world where the beauty of the body reigns and we walk through that fairy-tale dance kingdom enchanted and bewitched.

Unfortunately, I am not dancer at all. I danced some salsa once upon a time but I didn’t continue the lessons for one or another reason (and now I do regret it a little bit).  Anyway 🙂 This doesn’t mean that I don’t still admire  dance art. Just on the opposite. I am always interested in it and especially in the following styles and genres.

Shall we  …. Tango  (argentino)?

It could be described in three words only – “passionate”, “vibrant” and “playful”. Its name is the real proof of that – the Latin “tango” means a “touch”.  Namely that touch, i.e. the tango embrace, is the most powerful element of the dance used by the leader who encourages a great sensitivity and clarity, trust and respect in the tango follower. Thus the well-known close connection between the two partners is created turning the Latin American partner dance into a real passion.

Ole! ….. Flamenco (andaluz)

It is not less passionate than tango, for sure. Often associated with Gitanos (the Spanish Romani), it always enchants us with its four elements – singing, guitar playing, dance and of course, playful handclaps. I myself had the unique chance to attend a live flamenco show in Barcelona some 3-4 years ago (it doesn’t matter it was there) and I can assure you that it was amazing. Even the less hot-blooded northern European spectators there seemed to have felt the flamenco rhythm and emotions in their veins.

έλα! ……… Yassas Elláda! Yassou, Sirtaki

I am sorry, friends, I changed the rhythm of the dance drastically. 😀 But it’s me. I can’t enjoy only certain beautiful dances in case there are a variety of others. I’ve been to Greece more than 15 times and I’ve always enjoyed the Greek sirtaki (or syrtaki). It’s nice to listen to Mikis Theodorakis‘s music and watch the performance of authentic Greek sirtaki dancers in a Greek taverna near the sea while tasting Souvlaki with some Ouzo, beer or wine. By the way, there is another emotion at these moments almost always. Sirtaki dancers always “spread out” the rhythm of the dance by teaching us to dance. Believe me it’s not that easy to dance sirtaki: “Oooop …… Again …… Oooop …. Below”.   After so many tries, I am still causa perduta.

Ну что, давай потанцуем!  Это Kazachok

The Ukrainian folk dance (spread out and danced also in Russia) always reminds and brings me only bright memories of my childhood. Surely, it is one of the most rhythmical dances because of its constantly increasing tempo. Unlike many dances it could be performed either as a couple-dance in which the woman is a leader while the man is a follower, or as a circle dance. There is no doubt it’s worth watching.

1001 Arabian Nights ……. Fantasies and Belly dances

And finally, let me end with an exotic Oriental dance that grew in the Middle East. Actually, its original name is Raqs Sharqi which means an Eastern dance. A moment ago I mentioned that it is really very exotic especially to those who are not so accustomed to it as we are on the Balkan peninsula, for instance. The main reason for this is the diaphanous, playful and eye-catching skirts of women belly dancers. The skirt shapes follow belly dancers’ movements that are a little bit seductive at a time. So, my humble piece of advice is not to ever miss your chance to see a belly dance show no matter it’s somewhere in the Middle East, the Balkans or wherever.


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