Homo Sapiens on the Road

017 Homo Sapiens on the RoadI travel a lot and while on the road I meet people of various walks of life and style. I can classify tourist individuals into six groups having in mind their interests, behaviour and idea of having a perfect vacation. And here they are.

Anti-tourists prevail on almost every excursion. These are my “favourite” trip-comrades. They are capable of spoiling and even ruining everyone’s journey with their constant complaints and arguments with guides and local travel agents. Their non-stop disputes even grow into scandals at a time. These creatures always sabotage any travel initiative, disregard schedules and timetables and go on a trip with the clear intention to have quarrels with the stuff (and why not with the rest of the group) all day long.

Don’t-know-what-to-do tourists are better than scrappers. At least they don’t piss anyone off. And it’s quite good, indeed. But these people don’t know exactly why they have gone on a trip. They haven’t got any initial intentions and plans. Sometimes they don’t have any interests either. Very often when there is some spare time given in a certain town they sit on a bench in the central parts of the city and stare at both locals and other tourists. Just fantastic! They collect great memories from the trip, don’t they? 😀

Gourmet tourists are the complete opposite. They get off the plane or vehicle and start looking for the restaurants which they’ve found on different travel forums before the travel. There is nothing wrong to taste local meals and drinks (especially wines and beers). I agree with it. I myself do it not always but often. But I cannot really understand these guys. I myself can do with a panzerotto (in Milan) for lunch or Pizza siciliana (in Catania) for dinner and one espresso corto on the go during the day. I can’t imagine sitting and eating day and night when I travel.  Aren’t these guys interested in tourist attractions or … okay even in shopping?

Shopping maniacs are a similar group of tourists. They have only one aim, i.e. to buy local products (sometimes the goods are not even locally produced) and later when they come back home to show off the items purchased like real trophies. What for? At present times of a world globalization the same goods could be easily purchased everywhere in the world even in our own countries. But maybe raiding shopping centres like real hunters makes these people happy unlike those who have a great time at night and have no memories of the daytime, i.e. these are party-goers.

Soooo …. Nightlife tourists are those night-birds that focus on the visits in night clubs and discos. At a time they make friends with Bacchus and Dionysus and they love receiving the gifts of Venus. Most of the time it’s the only fun they get disregarding any cultural and historic sites worth visiting at that place.

And in the end, the sixth group consists of all those who do appreciate trips and are real travellers. Find more about  the profession of a Homotouristicus here. 😉


3 thoughts on “Homo Sapiens on the Road

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    • I will tell you about them most probably within this week 🙂 I will share my personal experience as a real traveller 🙂 Btw, thanks for your interest in the topic. 🙂


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