Myth in the Mediterranean Sea

PicMonkey CollageSardinia (or I’d better call it “the Paradise”) is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Maybe because it’s an autonomous region of Italy and the lack of proximity to the mainland (like Sicily, for instance), the island doesn’t have the typical Italian atmosphere.

Most probably all of us are too much accustomed to the well-known “tourist” landscapes and views of Tuscany (and Florence, in particular) and Rome, Venice or Naples, Milan and Palermo and that’s why when one visits that magnificent island they get surprised at first, of course in a positive way. 🙂

While wandering in the northern parts of the island (i.e. somewhere in, Alghero, Castelsardo, Costa Smeralda e Porto Cervo) I was greatly amazed with the wild nature and the beautiful fields full of sheep and crops along the road as well as the awe-inspiring fortifications and nuraghi spread out all over the island. I loved it the most when I saw in the distance a rock close to the sea and a small fortress/castle/fortification (call it as you wish) on it. Wooow…. Just awesome! 🙂 I will say only a few words about a nuraghe (nuraghi in plural) and you can get further info about it in Alberto Angela’s video (the video is in Italian). So, here is what I know about a nuraghe. It is a megalithic edifice or whole village that dates back to the Bronze Age when the Nuragic civilization flourished in Sardinia. These prehistoric stone masterpieces are examples of the well-developed ancient architecture of that time and are the symbol of the island nowadays. And last fact. There are about 7000 such ancient edifices on the island in present times.

SardegnaThe other thing that I relate to Sardinia is its flag of the four Moors or simply “the four moors”La bandiera sarda dei quattro mori has its origin in the Medieval times. It comprises the St George Cross and the heads of four black moors with patches on their eyes. In the past they were turned towards to the left and blindfolded while today they look to the right and are without their patches.

Nowadays Sardinia is famous for two other things. There is a special local law that protects Sardinia Red Coral from which beautiful pieces of jewel are made. And the second thing is cork production. The island ranks the fourth producer of cork in the world and it’s of high quality. Let me share a very interesting peculiarity about cork. Have you ever seen souvenirs made of cork? No? 🙂 Well, there are plenty of them on the island starting from simple cork postcards to spectacular cork bottles of Sardinian wine.

Sardegna_AlgheroIn the end, I would like to mention one thing that astonished me while I was there. The Sardinians (or i sardi) do not regard themselves as Italians very much. Why am I saying this? Well, when I was talking to a native about the tourists who visit the island, he referred all the time to the people who come from the Italian mainland as “the Italians” and “we – the Sardinians”. I didn’t ask him further questions but then I made some references to the island of Corsica with which Sardinia has much in common ……

Sardegna …. simply a Myth in the Mediterranean Sea


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