Nero Burning Rom(e) and December 8

Nero Burning RomE and December 8

Nero was the last representative of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. His reign started in 54 and ended in 68. History knows him as a great persecutor of Christians. On the other hand, Nero’s name is always connected with the Great  fire of Rome that erupted in the middle of July in 64. Different historical accounts of the event do not prove at 100% whether it was an accident or arson. Some say that it was an accident; others say it was caused by Christians themselves. But very often Nero is said to have been the arsonist who sent out men to set fire to Rome. Furthermore, while the capital of the Roman Empire was burning for five days and five nights, its emperor was singing and playing the lyre. If we have to draw analogies with ancient times, we should mention that nowadays we are like Neros, burning ….. disks (not RomE, surely). 🙂

There is another fact which I relate to the Roman Emperor. When I was a student I read a biography book about Nero. I came across a very interesting holiday celebrated and observed at that time. As it was long time ago, I cannot recount it in details and precisely. In brief, it goes like this. During Nero’s reign there was a feast of “shaving the first beard”.  Young boys had to shave their beards for the first time and it always happened at the beginning of December. It was like a holiday of the young. Throughout the centuries this holiday has been transformed and modified several times and today some countries like Bulgaria, Russia, etc. (but Italy doesn’t), celebrate it every year on December 8 and the feast is known as Students’ Holiday.


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