Kick-the-Ball Game

POST_Kick-The-Ball GameKick the ball! … Comeee ooon , kick it! ….. Yesssssss, penalty! ……. Goaaaaaaaal  😉

We all cry out like this when the National football team or our fav team play on the field, don’t we? We are familiar to the emotion we get when the game is won in the end. But do we know the origin of the “King of Sports”.

Like almost anything in present times, football (or soccer) dates back to ancient times. The Greeks and then the Romans played similar ball games that were referred to as “very rough” and even “brutal”. We know from history that the ancient Greek team game was called “episkyros” or “phaininda” and later it was inherited by the Romans under the name of “harpastum” or “harpaston”.

There was another ancient civilization (i.e. the ancient Chinese) that, actually, played a ball game, very similar to today’s football. As a matter of fact, they played it as an exercise while doing their military service. And how did they play it? Well, they did everything today’s football players do, i.e. they kicked a ball aiming at an opening in a net without being allowed to use their hands.

Of course, there are other theories concerning the world’s most famous game, its origin and the creation of its rules. I will not go so deeply and in the end, I will say a few more things.

We all agree nowadays football championships are the most watched spectacles (although at a time equal to ancient times “gladiatorial battles”) especially by men who are greater tifosi by women. I am 50-50, frankly speaking. 🙂 I can sit and watch a football match while drinking a bottle of beer like a true man. But at the same time I can do without il calcio.

I have never gone to our National Stadium to watch a football match in real but I have gone to concerts staged there. Speaking about stadiums, I do like visiting them as a tourist only and it’s a fact, some years ago I had the chance of having had tourist trips at two of the world’s most famous stadiums, namely San Siro (or Giuseppe Meazza) in Milan and Camp Nou in Barcelona.

And last thing. The opponents of A.C. Milan (like Inter supporters, for instance) mustn’t read this last sentence. 😉 As many tourists who know nothing about Italian football, I do have a fan scarf of the team. Goooo, Milan, goooo! 😉


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