Tuscany from Above

San Gimignano_1Being a successor of the great Roman Empire and then of the powerful city-states (Republics) of the Middle Ages, today’s Italy is dotted by numerous historic ruins and splendid places and edifices all over its territory starting from the North ending to the South as well as spreading on the two big and beautiful islands – Sardinia and Sicily.

There is no doubt that Tuscany is one of the regions that is the most described in books, the most visited one and of course, the most beautiful one of Italy (it doesn’t mean at all that the rest parts of the country are not worth visiting 🙂 just on the opposite …. 🙂 ). The main reason for that is the fact that Tuscany (or better Florence) is the cradle of the Renaissance and the Medici left so much beauty to Italy and the whole world. And there is nothing better than to admire that beauty in all aspects from above.

Tuscany from above_FlorenceIf you climb up one the 15 medieval towers of the picturesque walled-medieval-hill town of San Gimignano you will be left breathless by the green views of Tuscany, its vineyards, fields and all of the Mediterranean cypresses arranged like soldiers everywhere. The towers (with their awe-inspiring views from their tops) of that tiny and charming city are like real giants that are well seen from outside the town.

Tuscany from above_PisaBeing in Florence itself, you will be amazed with the best bird’s eye views of the whole town from both the world famous Giotto’s Bell Tower and Brunelleschi’s Tower. Don’t be afraid of the steps you should climb up (more than 400 for each of the towers) because the scenes are amazing. Simply fetch a bottle of water, take a deep breath and start your journey to the Florentine Paradise of beauty.

Last but not least…. 🙂 Don’t ever miss the other interesting tower in Tuscany, i.e. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, that is, for sure, among the most eye-catching towers in the world. Its drastic lean to one side gives you a very extraordinary feeling while you climb up and up, and up, until you reach the top. And there …. and there you simply get the “wooow” effect because of the fantastic Square of Miracles that is at a glance.

So, guys, there are plenty of other towers and places in Tuscany where you can enjoy beautiful and breathtaking bird’s eye views. There is no doubt about it. 🙂


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