Greek Taverna – Eat, Drink & Enjoy Life

Greek TavernesI have been to Greece more than 15 times and the reason for that is most probably its proximity to Bulgaria. No, actually, it’s not the main reason. There are plenty of them. The main reason is that I am a great admirer of two southern countries – Italy and Greece.

Every time when I am on group trip our guides tell us interesting facts about Hellas among which is that about Greek tavernes (taverna in singular). As a whole, a taverna is a small (and even sometimes tiny) Greek restaurant serving local cuisine and it mustn’t be confused with “tavern”.

I am quite sure that not most people know about the types of Greek tavernes. Neither did I before I was told about the existence of these three kinds of Greek tavernes.

It’s known that in Greece every “non-sea” city (especially on the mainland) is not more than 100km far away from the sea. That’s the reason why Greece has always been known as a sea country and the consumption of fresh fish is great there. And the best place to consume it, is at a specialized “fish taverna”.

In the second place, Hellas is a great producer of Ouzo, Metaxa and Tsipouro that are traditional alcoholic drinks as well as the country also produces wines, raki and many others. Of course, such alcoholic drinks always go with appetizers that are called “meze” in Greece. In other words, if you want only to have a glass of Ouzo, for example, and some meze, you should find either an “ouzeri” or “mezedopoleíon” or “tsipourádiko”, i.e. a “tavern serving alcoholic drinks and meze”.

And finally, if you go to Greece for the first time and you know almost nothing about the Greek cuisine, you’d better choose a “traditional taverna” because national and local meals and specialties are served namely there.

No matter which type of taverna you will choose, there is always (live) Greek music which will make your stay there even more pleasant. As to the dish-smashing tradition, it’s already in the past (and as far as I know, it’s already forbidden in Greece) and it’s replaced by the tradition of throwing rose leaves which would surely leave unforgettable memories of your visit of a Greek taverna.


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