Athens – Gods, Contest and Olives

stock-vector-symbols-of-greece-105236180123For sure, Athens is one of the oldest and the most ancient named cities in the world. Few know that, actually the town was first named after its first king, i.e. King Akteos.

After that the town of Akte was renamed to Kekropia by its second king Kekrops who was a mythical and quite an extraordinary king (partly a human, partly a snake).  It was he who set up and organized a contest in which gifts had to be presented to the people of the town and this who presented the best and the most appreciated present, would be rewarded and the reward would be a patronage of the prosperous and vibrant city. 

King Kekrops called on Athena (the Goddess of fertility and nature) and Poseidon (the God of the sea and of earthquakes) both of them wanting to become a patron of the town.

The contest was at the Acropolis where both of the Gods had to present their gifts. Poseidon lifted his three pointed spear, called a trident, and struck the rock. Immediately a spring of salty water burst out from that exact place and with the blow the first horse jumped out from there.  The inhabitants liked the gift but not that much as the spring water was too salty.

greece-symbols-1511602554Then Athena’s turn came. She knelt and buried something in the ground which grew into a beautiful olive tree. People immediately liked her present because it was more useful than that of Poseidon. And since then Athena Polias has been the protector and patron of the city and an olive has been one of the greatest national symbols of Hellas (Greece).


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