Venetian Gondolas – Entertaining Rides & Real Symbols

Venetian gondolaItalia … 🙂 Venezia …. 🙂 Amore … 🙂

Certamente, Venice is the most romantic town. That’s why there are so many love stories about love beginning somewhere in the small streets surrounded by the tiny canals or along il Canal Grande. What’s so impressive with this world famous city? Of course, its glamorous history, amazing architecture and the canals with the typical Venetian boats, named gondolas, floating along them.

Gondola?! Yes, we have all heard about it. The traditional for Venice flat-bottomed boat for centuries, has become even one of the major symbols of the city. It’s only there to see it and Venezia is its birthplace. It is a sin not to have a gondola ride while you are in Venice. It’s equal to going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. 😉

Venetian gondola_1As tourists we always neglect the symbols represented on a gondola itself. Do you know which they are? If you have a look at the second picture you will see what I mean. Have you ever thought that the impressive iron bow called a dolphin (because of its resemblance with a dolphin) “contains” so many symbols of Venice? Let’s start from the top. Do you see il capello del doge (The Horn of the Doge)? It is headgear used instead of a crown. Then comes the meandering shank that symbolizes il Canal Grande (The Grand Canal) encompassing the following : the six districts called Sestieri placed in the comb just beneath il ponte di Rialto (The Rialto Bridge) and il bacino di San Marco (The Basin of San Marco); the Island of Giudecca that is situated in the opposite “tooth”; and the three main islands of the lagoon (i.e. Murano, Burano and Torcello) which are the decorated points between “tooth” and “tooth”.

It’s impressive, isn’t it? I myself hadn’t known about these details until a friend of mine from Venice drew my attention to them. And I am so grateful to him as right now I don’t regard a gondola simply as the greatest attraction in Venice but as a boat “gathering” both history and presence. 


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