Paperbook vs e-Reader – Pros & Cons

eReader_vs_Book_10I consider myself a hi-tech girl. I love “playing” with gadgets like a smartphone, tablet, laptop. Even I still have an old hi-tech desktop computer and I don’t want to throw it to the garbage. It’s real fun to push a button and get connected to the world, to communicate with friends and share different content, especially on the go. And nowadays it’s even easier with the penetration of mobile devices.

It had been a great dilemma before I bought my tablet. I was constantly asking myself the following questions: “Do I need it in case I have a smartphone?”,“What can I do with it additionally?”,“Is it a convenient device for reading e-books and if yes,will it be a great burden to find & install the proper app?” But finally the “battle” was won by the tablet and I did buy it.

My main reason for that was to read e-books on my tablet. I read a lot and I am even a little bit conservative in terms of traditional paper-books. I really prefer them since I like to turn the paper pages, to feel their smell and touch, to bring my paper-book everywhere so that I can get back to it and read it in every free moment I have. But, of course, I feel like a real donkey when it’s in my handbag and especially when it’s a 500-page hardcovered book. Well, this can be overcome easily for the sake of the book itself. There is an English proverb that can be paraphrased in my case in the following way: “If I have a will to read, I will take the book with me and become a donkey.” 😀

So far, so good. But there is another problem. The feeling is great when I go to my favourite bookstores, choose a new book, buy it and dive in it for some days. But after having read the last page, real mess occurs because it must be stored somewhere in my home library. If I were a new book collector who is making a home library of his/her own, it would be quite okay. But I am a hardcore reader with thousands of books (alright … not thousands of them but too many 😀 ) on the selves. So, the physical storage is my great problem. The more books I buy, the less storage I have. That’s why a tablet as an eReader comes to help and is a proper solution (but not that proper 😛  ).

For sure, bringing a tablet is a “lighter option”. It saves physical storage as well as your library is at one place and always at hand. Fantastic, a?  🙂  But you know nothing is perfect in our world and an eReader has disadvantages. The first one is a flat battery. You might run out of battery at the best moment of the book and you should postpone reading it until you find a charger and electricity. And the second obstacle is that I cannot find out very often the e-version of the books I like and would like to read.


6 thoughts on “Paperbook vs e-Reader – Pros & Cons

  1. My main reasons for going to KindleFire were (1) wanting to have several books available wherever I go; and (2) not having room to store piles of paperbacks any longer. I’m finally used to reading novels on the screen, but it took me a year! 🙂


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