Let’s Learn Some Phrasal Verbs Through a Fairy-tale

Phrasal verb through a fairy taleWhen The Little Red Riding Hood turned up (turn up = arrive) in the nearby fairy-land The Seven Dwarfs were looking into (look into = investigate) the ruins of Cinderella’s palace that had been blown up (blow up = to destroy with explosives) by Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves a few minutes back. The fire brigade consisting of the Three Little Pigs was trying to make the fire go out (go out = stop burning) on Juliet’s balcony – a part of the magnificent palace that took after (take after = look like, resemble) a battle field from the Fairy-Land War II at that moment. A great confusion occurred among most of the fairy-land citizens. 

Phrasal verb through a fairy tale_2The Beauty and The Beast, who had been getting on (to get on = have a good relationship with) well for about a month, were looking up (look up = try to find its meaning) the reasons for that disaster. The Little Mermaid was trying to get over (get over = recover from) the pains in her fishy tail while The Ugly Duckling got so frightened that it turned down (turn down = refuse) to become a beautiful swan.

Apart from the fairy-land citizens who were really concerned and afraid of this attack, there were a few people who didn’t care about all this at all and even tried to take advantage of it. The Emperor was extremely selfish even at that moment. He tried out (try out = test) his new clothes asking himself whether they went (go with = match) with his fatty belly perfectly.

Phrasal verb through a fairy tale_3The Wicked Fairy Godmother had never liked and looked up to (look up to = respect, admire) the beauty of The Sleeping Beauty and that’s why she realized it was her greatest chance to put the princess under a spell.

In all this commotion Gargamel held up (hold up = rob) the matchsticks of The Little Match Girl but owing to Puss in Boots he was caught and punished before Gargamel being able to escape on the back of The Red-Nosed Reindeer, i.e. Rudolf.

O, My Smurf. Never bring out (bring out = publish) that fairy fiction in public.


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